We aim to support various industries,
especially the manufacturing business.

We are sincerely grateful for your continued patronage.We've been manufacturing power transformers and precision-sheet metal 23 years ago, and we are fortunate enough to be celebrating our 70th year anniversary.

Since the beginning, we've continued to be great innovators,and enhance our customer and community relations by continuously improving on what we know.We're working on following two things.

First is "partner first".It means that each person creates objects that are satisfactory to people other than himself and creating a happy environment.

Second, "Achieving Lean, Clean and Green". - Lean manufacturing means we create systematic method to minimize production waste. - Clean means being conscious of a clean production, sales and design activity. - Green means adhere to environmental laws and regulations, and continue to develop our Human Resource.

Guided by these principles, we continue to be a company that makes efforts to meet our customers' expectations and trust.

We look forward to making great contributions along the way and we highly appreciate your support.

President Masaki Yoshida

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