We build Trust.
We value Innovation.

Innovation is embedded in our culture.

A prime source of power transformer and
precision sheet metal.

We at YOSHIKAWA ELEX CO., LTD. can provide you with good quality power transformers and precision sheet metal for your industrial needs.

We build Trust.
We value Innovation.

Since 1945, our company has been skillfully manufacturing power transformers and precision metal sheet. Our exceptional knowledge and expertise in the business have allowed us to gain our customer's trust and credibility.

Transformer For Power

  • Dry Type Transformer
  • AC Reactor
  • DC Reactor
  • Special Type Transformer

From product design to manufacturing, our full production adheres to ISO14001 global standard that ensures environmental safety and 
sustainability of our operations.

Precision Sheet Metal

  • Sheet Metal Processing
  • Stamping
  • Mold Production

Our state-of-the art technology gives us an edge in the industry and
allows us to meet various client's needs from designing to manufacturing.


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